About the project

We always enter a link in a browser to visit it. The link could be short or long, but we still need to type it. So how about just entering a few numbers to visit a link just like dialling a phone number instead of typing the entire link?

Using Linkdialler you can dial a link, create numbers for links which you and others can dial and also store them as favourites.

For example, dialling links and/or storing as favourites quickly during presentations or conferences and view it later rather than typing the whole link, dialling a link and visiting it that is present on an advertisement hoard when travelling, and so on.
Enjoy using it!

How it works?


Open a link

Opening a link in the blink of an eye

Just enter the number and click on 'Go'. That's it! Your link will open in the browser


Number for link

Create number for link on a button tap

Type in or copy and paste any link from anywhere and we will generate a simple number for that link


Other features

Personalized account, favourites, etc.

You can check your dialled links by logging in and also mark links as favourites



An user friendy android app which is very easy to use



Basic version of Linkdialler app for iOS is just released!



Number generation for links made more easier with plugins